Hwy 285 Road Conditions

06 Nov 2019 21:01 #161 by MountainTownAlerts
Whitney Rabern 43 mins ago
8:15 pm: Just traveled up from Littleton to Conifer (C470 to 285 to Barkley). Roads were just wet at this time. Very foggy out there. Just like normal, if you drive according to conditions all should be fine. Later tonight/tomorrow am might be a different story however.

Kayla Dailey 28min ago
I saw all theses post saying it’s an icy mess, I never hit an icy spot it’s just wet

Kiki Williams 11min ago
So update: from I-25 east, roads are mostly dry, no ice and barely any moisture (we took I-70 to I-76 to 270 back to I-70 and then Peña). Except a mile from the airport. Wet again.

West of I-25 roads become increasingly wet, with 470 & 285 being the worst. The side roads and decks/walkways up the hill are what are already icy, but 470 & 285 have a good chance of being ice in the morning.

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07 Nov 2019 06:45 - 07 Nov 2019 06:47 #162 by MountainTownAlerts

Mike Neil 3:48am
Please be careful coming down 285 in to Denver this morning. Do not be fooled by the dry pavement because when you hit the canyon it is slicker than bats***. Especially when you go under Parmalee Gulch Road where there is the first big patch of ice that will get you if you are not looking for it.

Greg Hall 5:06am
285 clear from Shaffers Crossing to 470. Road is a little wet. Some slick spots through the canyon. Only patchy fog going up Richmond Hill.

Mike Allen 5:05am
Very slick in many areas! Drive slow!!

Jessie Fusaro 5:50am
I drove from top of conifer mountain all the way down to Colfax and Delaware.
Very icy through the canyon.
Mainly wet on C470 and I70.
6th Avenue was icy on bridges and over passes.
Just take it slow and steady. You should be fine. No fog but I leave my house at 3 am.

E.A. Brody 6:13am
Just arrived in Cherry Creek from Richmond Hill Rd. It was not good. Already one accident near Parmalee Gulch. One, maybe 2 vehicles involved. Also evidence of a skid into the guardrail just after Parmalee. If you don’t need to travel, stay home and wait for the temps to warm up.

Katie Popp 6:14am
WARNING: 6AM south Turkey creek and deer creek canyon are slicker than snot.

Andi Ryan 6:20am
N Turkey was sanded but icy spots. Ppl were doing good using caution NB at Parmalee Gulch. And a plow truck was going SB spraying maybe?

Lindee Bly Nolan 6:35am
I drove 73 from blue creek to the high school at 5:45am and it was good.

Marj Oliver 1min ago
One truck already went sideways right before the canyon a little before where S Turkey Creek comes out onto 285 - watch all the areas from Windy Point down where the road is usually wet - I think there are springs near those sections and they frequently have some ice. Everyone be safe out there this morning!

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07 Nov 2019 07:10 #163 by MountainTownAlerts
Michelle Lin Drake 6:52am
Just went through the canyon at 6:50 a m. Seems like it's mostly just wet now, plows went through earlier.

Elizabeth Braddock 7:00am
With all the ice reports on 285, we opted to take 73 to 74 and get on 470 at Morrison. It took a bit longer, but was clear and dry. Bonus for the beautiful scenery and heard of elk!

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11 Nov 2019 06:57 #164 by MountainTownAlerts
Comments from the 285 Traveler Group:
Simone Stewart 6:45am
Car in the median at Windy Point

That view in our webcam: mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic

Andy Cooper 6:20am
285 is snow packed. Not too slick if you have good tires and 4wd, but definitely go slow. I'm sure more accidents will occur as traffic increases. Plows were out.

Shantelle C Stephens 6:07am
Just came down the canyon, people sliding saw commercial vehicles fish tailing. Lots of folks pulling over. Plows out. Pretty dicey until we reached 470 toll road. Peña is decent. Be safe neighbors!

Katie Sidesinger 5:48am
A bit slick and no plows out going on 73/74 or 70 but there were some going westbound once I got into Denver. Way slicker up the hill. Denver is mostly just slush and melted snow. I went 40-50 AWD and was fine.

Gina Cannan 5:43am
Gina Cannan Not too terrible but slick. On the CV currently and the bus driver is going a pretty good speed but I'm seeing other cars slide a bit.

Mike Neil 5:40am
It snowed all the way to the airport. As usual, slow and steady works. 285 is slick in the canyon. About typical.

Christina Grobarcik Wolf 5:38am
285 by Richmond hill slick as heck. Be very careful. Getting bad.

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11 Nov 2019 07:52 #165 by MountainTownAlerts
Jason Mc Donough 7:35am on our Facebook Page
just went thru the roads were just fine

Here's how it looks at this moment on Hwy 285 0.6mi N of N Turkey Creek Rd (Looking NB) - CDOT

Karen Bunger 7:27am in the 285 Traveler Group
My husband left at 6am from pine junction. Roads were drivable at 40mph all the way till he passed 470. Then it was a mess and a total stand still. He just now got off at Sheridan (at 7:25am). And headed north.
Side note......there was a car going south bound on the northbound side and almost hit my husband head on. It was right by Staunton (they didn’t just cross the lines, they were on the other side of the cables that divide the HWY!!) be safe out there everyone.

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20 Nov 2019 16:51 #166 by MountainTownAlerts
Clif Barrett 49 mins in the 285 Traveler Group

Just got home from Evergreen all is just wet except 43 its snowpacked from the ranchos back, stay safe

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21 Nov 2019 07:02 #167 by MountainTownAlerts
Clif Barrett 5:17am
43 is snowpacked and really foggy in spots 285 snowpacked and foggy till shaffers crossing then just wet 73 is snowpacked south of marshdale. Evergreen has a slight freezing rain coming down.

Justin Noska 5:13am
Roads around Evergreen, the main highways have been treated with salt, but the neighborhood roads have a layer of black ice on them.

Jon Goodale 4:55am
I just came down to Golden from Aspen Park, 4;15-4:45, and it was sneaky slick from Inter-Canyon to Parmalee. Just sounded wet until you touched the brakes and abs would kick in.

Jayne Elizabeth shared a link. 4:41am
4 AM: Kings Valley to Aspen Park is a breeze minus the intense fog. Saw several CDOT trucks out, roads are just wet. After that, especially Windy point through the canyon is a hot mess and an ice-skating rink. You can’t tell by looking at the roads that it went from wet to black ice so be really really careful. Side roads of Kings Valley totally perfect just super foggy. Sand already down as well so going slow is all that’s needed!

C4 70 and I 70 are just wet, and CDOT cleaning up a really really bad accident that happened I would guess several hours ago between Alameda and Morrison. Should not mess with traffic though.

Sarah Florence 3:38am
We had to make a trip to the airport from Conifer around 3am. I couldn’t be more impressed with the number of plows we encountered out there keeping the roads safe for us. It was still super foggy, but the roads were just wet. Take it easy out there this morning, and be grateful for those CDoT drivers that worked through the night.

Views in the webcams at this moment: mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic
CDOT's cam at Parmalee Gulch

Windy Point

Conifer Marketplace - Knit Knook/Colorado Taekwondo Institute

Elk Creek Fire, Richmond Hill merge

IMHS in Pine Junction

Aspen Peak Cellars in Bailey

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21 Nov 2019 07:40 #168 by MountainTownAlerts
Jordan Ashleigh Sanchez
Drove from Indian Hills 285-C470-6th in Golden. Side roads are a little slick, 285 is okay if you take it easy, and 6th is just wet down here in Golden. Added about 10 minutes to my commute.

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21 Nov 2019 08:43 #169 by MountainTownAlerts
New posts in the 285 Traveler Group
Catrina Jean Scherr 8:33am
Harris park to marshdale
Snow packed in most spots. I had no issues in 4wd and snows but truck in front of me around pine junction couldnt keep it straight. So use caution, no sudden brakes and play nice you should be fine.
Drive safe everyone

Ingrid Stitt Wilson 8:29am
Top of Crow Hill to the light at pine is snow packed not particularly icy if you watch your speeds. From the light at pine to 73 just wet. Highway 73 mostly just wet to the turn about at Marshdale.

Brianna Enderich 8:14am
Fog was the biggest factor of my drive today, along with a slow down through the canyon with increased traffic and slower speeds.

Also, a heads up for anyone traveling Kipling north. There is a stalled vehicle, facing south, in the right hand lane, between Morrison and Jewell.

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22 Nov 2019 06:48 #170 by MountainTownAlerts
Derek Troy 6:31am
Its slick and snow packed all the way to I25. Took me an extra 30 minutes to work.

Marj Oliver 6:29am
I left at a little before 4 and the plows were already out - going South as usual to start. Wasn't bad at all for slipping (I have Blizzaks - those fancy tires you're talking about - on my RAV4! lol) but there were some areas where the buildup was pulling me a little and lane recognition was not great. Worst part of the my drive: C470 from Morrison to I-70, believe it or not. It was okay coming from 43 down as long as went slow where required because I have Blizzaks and 4WD, but not 4WS! (4 wheel stop) Everyone chill and stay safe!

Timmy Korinek 6:12am
Drove from 43 to golden. 285 is snow packed all the way to 470. I got behind 3 plow truck on 470. But it was snow packed as well.

Annalisa Reeves 6:02am
I just came down from Bailey. I found a couple slick spots but overall the roads were fine. I drove 45 as well to be safe.

Stacey Oxford Morton 6:00am
My brother just drove from Schaffer’s Crossing area to Parker. He said the roads are pretty bad. Be careful everyone.

Clif Barrett 5:50am
Ok everything is snowpacked 43, 285, and 73 not to bad a travel at 4am however it's the folks with new snow tires and 4x4 is watcha gotta watch out for later in the morn

Chris Weber 4:57am
Just drove from bailey to golden. The roads are snow packed and plows are out. Not to slick but I only drove 45 the whole way. The curves are a little slick, just drive a little slower through that area.

Views in our webcams:
Parmalee Gulch exit at Turkey Creek Canyon

Windy Point

Aspen Peak Cellars in Bailey

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