Hwy 285 Road Conditions

09 Sep 2020 07:55 #231 by MountainTownAlerts
Travel Alerts September 9, 2020

Webcam views: mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic
Little Britches Boutique in Conifer

Reports from Travelers:
Shaun K. 7:50am
Just ran Jefferson to Denver. A few icy spots, nothing to get excited about.

Josephina B.
(9/9/2020 @ 7:10 am) I just got to Englewood from top of Shadow Mountain. Shadow Mountain was okay, a little sketchy in spots. 285 was mostly dry. The bridges are a bit icy. The bridge over Twin Forks going north is a skating rink (6:45 am), be careful coming down and around that curve.

Simone S. 7am
Windy Point All Clear!

Kassie G. 6am
Just came down the hill from conifer. Mainly just wet, some icy spots mainly just in the canyon. Pretty good drive.

Stesha W. 5:15am
Left como at 2:45 to get to the airport. Got to the airport at 4:35. Roads were a little slick in spots, clear tho. Not snowy.

Clif B. 5am
43 is clear for the most part, 285 is clear until the top of Richmond hill then partially snowpacked and 73 is clear to Evergreen

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23 Sep 2020 17:15 #232 by MountainTownAlerts
From Brianna E:
Due to the lack of bus transportation for schools in our mountain community, there will be increased traffic around school areas. Please be mindful of this. Bus transportation is to resume September 29th.

Yesterday there was quite a back up at the turn lane from southbound to get into the school. And there was an officer out of her patrol vehicle helping.

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23 Oct 2020 08:13 #233 by MountainTownAlerts
Travelers are reporting foggy and slick conditions Conifer - Turkey Creek Canyon, particularly at Windy Point. Please be careful heading out this morning! mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic
Our webcam at Our Lady of the Pines across from Meyer Ranch Open Space Park, Conifer:

CDOT's webcam at N Turkey Creek Rd

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25 Oct 2020 10:05 - 25 Oct 2020 10:12 #234 by MountainTownAlerts
Jess A. 9:20am
We are enroute to Denver from Fairplay... hit major fog top of Kenosha but roads have been mostly dry/just wet so far, just hit Turkey Creek Canyon. it’s getting icier. We just pulled off in Indian Hills for a minute, looks like the canyon to 470 might be nasty

Tom B. 9:20am
Just drove from Shawnee to bailey. Snows just starting here but gets worse as you head north. Roads are just starting cover and ice a little. I wouldn't wait much longer.

Jessica M. 9am
I went from Bailey to C470 and Quebec.
Mainly wet until Turkey Creek. C470 gets a little dicey until Santa Fe where I was behind 3 plows.

Jessic C. 8:30am
NTC is slick (NTC = N Turkey Creek Rd)

Susan K. 8am
I came into town at 6am 285 and 470 were snow packed and presumably icy, 70 was just wet.

Cody S. 7:30am
Just came up from Denver. Denver to Conifer is icy but not bad (40-50 in a 4WD). Conifer to Pine Junction is wet but no slipping. Pine Junction to 43 was foggy but pretty dry.

Rick N.
Just went from pine to Highlands Ranch, slick spots for sure, but overall not bad

Katelyn M. 7:30am
Husband is headed from Pine to Iowa today driving and he says he's come across lots of black ice on the roads, super slick. He's on i76 now and what takes him normally 2 hours took closer to 3.

Pamela C. 7am
I came down 2 hrs ago. Extremely foggy, with spots where it was snowing. Was just wet but that was 2 hrs ago. Windy point on was heavily sanded. Had a hard time keeping my windshield ice free. Kept it slow.

Todd H. 7am
I just drove from 72 to Denver International and the roads were ok. I kept it around 40-50 mph due to fog and the chance that it might be icy. But I didn’t slip. (F350 4wd)

Webcam views as of 10am: mymountaintown.com/weather-traffic
Shaggy Sheep in Grant

Aspen Peak Cellars in Bailey

At Elk Creek Fire Department, Richmond Hill Rd, Conifer

At Knit Knook/Colorado Taekwondo Institute, Conifer

At Windy Point, Morrison

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26 Oct 2020 05:49 - 26 Oct 2020 06:22 #235 by MountainTownAlerts
Per Travelers:
Clif B. 6am
43 is snowpacked but I did see a park county plow on it this morning 285 snowpacked but not horrible 73 snowpacked no plow if ya take it easy the only true hazard this morning is your fellow travelers

Allen G. 5:15am
Hour fifteen from Richmond Hill Road to 6th Ave and I25 leaving at 0300.

40-50 mph. The short stretch from 470 to 70 to 6th was the worst. VERY SLICK!

Pat K. 4:45am
Good Morning fellow humans ! 8 inches of snow on the ground EASILY in the Fairplay area. It is still coming down.
ON a side note if you haven't heard, WE had 18 new cases of Covid in one week over here... No on in the hospital and no one dead... Stay safe. Happy Monday.

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