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Like HA, I used to be one of those who was always looking for the coming disaster, whether it was economic, political, or environmental, guess what I found out? Plugging along is default mode for the world and it has only become more common. There may be ups and downs, but mainly the world keeps on moving on. Wars have been declining, no world war in over 70 years. No major war in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and even the minor wars in Africa and Asia are fairly minor. So continue to buy your MRE's and water barrels, I will continue to see the world, Arctic Circle last month, Panama Canal next year.
President Trump will probably lose in 2020, the Fiery socialist Democrat who replaces him will soon be corrupted by Wall Street and DC, (if not already bought). President Obama came in with all these great plans but would up with little of his agenda passed and a multimillion dollar home in DC so he can continue to peddle influence while he takes a fat paycheck from Netflix.
12 Jul 2019 10:25 #61

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