2020 Presidential Candidates

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ScienceChic created the topic: 2020 Presidential Candidates 10 Feb 2019 17:10 #1

Now that we've had several candidates declare their intention to run for president, it seems time to start a thread where we can share updates from those we like most/are supporting/are against/are intrigued about/want to discuss. If you'd like to start a separate thread for a single candidate, you are certainly welcome to do so! I'm going to list all who've officially declared (either with the FEC or with a public announcement) below in alphabetical order with links to their campaign websites so you can research them further and will update it as new candidates declare; please feel free to add news articles about any you wish to discuss to this thread as the months progress.

What The Potential 2020 Candidates Are Doing And Saying, Vol. 5
By Adam Kelsey, for fivethirtyeight
February 8, 2019

Welcome to a weekly collaboration between FiveThirtyEight and ABC News. With 5,000 people seemingly thinking about challenging President Trump in 2020 — Democrats and even some Republicans — we’re keeping tabs on the field as it develops. Each week, we’ll run through what the potential candidates are up to — who’s getting closer to officially jumping in the ring and who’s getting further away.

Republican Party
Donald Trump
Michael Bicklemeyer
David Raphael Herz
Huhnkie Lee
Robert Eugene Smith

Democratic Party
Cory Booker

Julian Castro

Tulsi Gabbard

Kirsten Gillibrand

Kamala Harris

John Hickenlooper (though he hasn't formally declared yet, it's quite likely going to happen so I'm placing him here for now with a news article. Will replace with a campaign website or remove him later depending on what he does)

Amy Klobuchar

Elizabeth Warren

Hart P. Cunningham
Susanne Atanus
Daphne Denise Bradford
Willie Felix Carter
John K. Delaney
Ryan Andrew Farber
Stetson Hardwick
Kenneth E Nwadike Jr
Richard Neece Ojeda II
Sharmin Lynn Smith
Herbert Ezekiel Zeke Smyth
John Washington III
Fred Wiand
Andrew Yang

Unaffiliated or other 3rd Party
Gregory Boyer (Write-In)
Jerry Leon Carroll (None)
Joe Edward Collins, III (Green Party)
Cherunda Lynn Fox (Independent)
Rev. Veronica Ronnie Fuller (Independent)
Crystal Ann Hale (Independent)
Adam Kokesh (Libertarian Party)
Joseph A. Maldonado (Libertarian)
Willie Deshaun Perkins (American Independent Party)
Michael Brandon Puskar (Unaffiliated)

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